A Deeper Pursuit

Meet Our Team

Simply, friend, we are passionate about pointing you to Jesus over and over again… in every single season of your life, in every single minute of your everyday life because that’s exactly where He meets us.



Janine is passionate about spending her life making others feel less broken and encouraging them to pursue Jesus deeper.


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Never losing his native New York accent, John migrated to Southern California and now writes from Northern Florida under the pen name Jac Oat… (Jac of all trades).


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Jess is a 20-something, college student, who is passionate about reminding others that no matter who you are or where you've been, God loves you exactly the same. Her favorite verse is Psalm 139:14.


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Sarah Beth

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His perspective reflects a diverse background with over 40 years in applied sciences, education, and organizational management.

Jac’s applied sciences interests extend from the material world into the abstract, human interactive domains that affect how we view, are impacted, and respond to the social and political forces we face today.

Jac believes that the laws of nature encompass both the material and non-material (abstract). Nature’s laws are immutable irrespective of human discovery or understanding; for example, “2 + 2 = 4” represents a natural relationship regardless of anyone’s ability to compute this; similarly, “treating others as one wants to be treated = good” represents and a natural relationship regardless of human acknowledgement.

If you are interested in the matter-of-factish point of view of an applied scientist, Jac Oat notes are for you.