Seven tips to grow closer to jesus

One of the most popular questions I’ve received is one I don’t have a straight answer to.  When I read “How can I grow closer to Jesus?” my heart leaps, excited that people want to pursue Jesus, but I get all kinds of nervous as I type out a reply because honestly? 

It’s up to YOU.  

Yup, you read that right! Growing closer to Jesus is 100% up to you.  

I’m sorry if you started reading this thinking there’d be a quick and easy way to have a deep relationship with Jesus. But here’s a bit of good news: if you’re reading this, then you’re already on the right path! 

So let’s back track a little. Why is it up to you?  

Because everyone is different. No two of us are alike (thank you LORD for that!), and what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. I can list out a bunch of tips and suggestions but when it comes down to it it’s all in YOUR hands. You have the choice to pursue growing closer to Jesus or staying where you’re at.  

Cultivating a strong relationship with Jesus is the same as a relationship with anyone else- you need to put the work in. You can’t just say, “okay Jesus I believe in You” and then expect everything to fall into place.  

You have to make intentional efforts to meet with Him. You have to choose to read your bible instead of watching Netflix. You have to decide what to sacrifice (sleep, lunch, going out) to make Jesus a priority. 

And when you make that choice, you’ll be walking into a deeper relationship with Him.  

While I can’t tell you for sure what will work best for you, I can give you some suggestions and resources for you to choose from! You ready?  


YES I SAID IT! I don’t know about you, but when I have those apps on my phone, so easily accessible, I gravitate towards them instead of picking up my Bible. So I delete them and when I find myself reaching for my phone to watch something, it reminds me that I should probably go spend some time with Jesus instead.  


Consistency is key. When you’re trying to make something a habit, you can’t just do it every once in a while. The same idea goes for meeting with Jesus. In order to grow closer to Him, we have to spend time in His Word and hearing for His Voice. But how can we do that when we’ve got jam packed schedules? That’s why choosing a time and place to read your Bible every day is SO IMPORTANT!  


Seriously. I know it sounds so simple but it’s really a very important part to growing closer to Jesus. How can you have a relationship with someone who you don’t talk to? The answer to this is easy- you can’t. You literally can’t. So talk to Jesus. Talk about your day, ask Him to speak to you. Ask Him questions, thank Him for breathing. Just talk to Him- He most certainly wants to talk to you.  


I grew up in a Christian family, went to church twice a week, read my bible pretty regularly, and prayed. But it wasn’t until I joined a small group and we started doing Bible Studies that my relationship with Jesus grew deeper. I had no idea what I had been missing out on until I started doing Bible Studies with others! (I’ve created a list of the studies that I have done and recommend! You can find them all in the “Resources” tab, or by clicking here! ?   


Reading your Bible is so important and so is reading things that will help encourage you in your walk. I used to avoid “self-help life books”, but I changed my mind so quickly when I read one that changed my life- literally.  You can find a list of the books that I have read that have helped my journey HERE!


I fully believe that music plays a big part in people’s lives. Whether you’re celebrating, working out, stressed out, winding down, music helps. And there’s this peace that settles over my spirit when I turn on some worship music and just sit there letting it pour over me. It also helps you to remember Who He is.  (Want to hear mine? Find it on the Resource Page!)


Obviously, this is one that I will ALWAYS recommend as a writer, but I recommend it even more when someone wants to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Journaling your questions, your thoughts, your prayers helps you be more specific in what you’re searching for and then it allows you to go back and see when God answers you. Because He WILL answer you.  

Pursuing Jesus is the BEST decision I have ever made. It’s not always easy, and I have to constantly go back to basics and recommit to being intentional, but I will tell you right now that it is absolutely WORTH IT.  

And here’s one thing I can tell you with CERTAINTY will happen when you decide to relentlessly pursue Jesus: you will find that He has been relentlessly pursuing you all along.