I’m Not Setting New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not setting New Year’s Resolutions this year… want to know why?

Because every year, around week two or three, I give up and I end up just being disappointed in myself. I’d rather snooze my alarm and stay buried underneath the covers a little longer. I would much rather eat the real pasta than the chickpea one, and working out? Yeah, that’s 30 minutes of my day that I could spend doing almost anything else. 

So I decided I’m not setting New Year’s Resolutions this year – or rather intentions. If I don’t set them, I can’t not do them and I won’t be disappointed, yet again. 

No, this year I decided to do two things– choose a single monthly goal and prepare. 

Prepare for what exactly? I wish I knew. All I know is that the last few weeks of the year I’ve been hustling hard, preparing for 2023. Preparing my business, preparing for a new chapter in my life, preparing my heart, just preparing for 2023. As I sat on the beach journaling and wondering if there was something that Jesus wanted me to focus on for 2023, I kept coming back to that word – prepare.

I was thrown off course the past couple of years. I mean, I’m not sure if you noticed, but I haven’t been here at all lately. That’s been a thorn in my side because I LOVE being here. Showing up and sharing what God puts on my heart? Reminding you that you’re not alone in the things that you are going through? Loving on you from this corner of the internet? That’s what I LOVE. So I have definitely missed it. I’ve missed heading to a coffee shop, writing an email to you as though we were sitting right across from each other.

But I couldn’t show up for you when I was struggling myself. 

I shared a glimpse into a struggle in a coffeeshop chat (so um, click here to make sure you get the next one!😉) but I want you to be able to read it so I’m linking this one for you here

The last half of 2022, I was making my way back. Slowly, but surely. I felt a little like the Prodigal Son (Luke 15), a whole lot like the children of Israel when they kept lamenting as to why they were still walking around in the desert instead of being in the Promised Land, and even more like the spoiled children that I see in this society today. 

Nope, not for me. So on several car rides with Jesus, I laid it out. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was heartbroken, I was tired of hoping. 

But I wanted Him and everything He has for me. So we’ve been preparing. And I’m going to keep preparing this year with Him, instead of trying to do things without Him.

Sounds like a better plan right? Yeah, I thought so too! 

Now about not setting new year’s resolutions… 

I came across this video of a girl stating she wasn’t setting new year’s resolutions and was instead setting a single goal for each month so that at the end of the year she’ll have 12 completed goals. 

The idea of setting yourself up for success, instead of setting yourself up with a list of things that you might not be able to cross off was intriguing. Technically, we could call the monthly goals resolutions, but I’m sticking with the whole, “I’m not setting new year’s resolutions” thing.

Because ultimately all I want for this year (other than for Jesus to return of course) is to become more like Him. So to prepare for that, I’m doing that one goal at a time, step by step, day by day. 

And I don’t know, but I have a really good feeling about 2023. 

What if you are setting resolutions?

Okay, I know I spent this whole post reasoning for not setting new year’s resolutions, but if you are, can I add just one to yours? It’s actually the only resolution I kept in 2022, and one of my friends so lovingly pointed out was the most important one.

Read through the Bible chronologically this year. For all the highs and lows I’ve been on the past couple years, and the journey Jesus and I have been on– which I’m sure I’ll be sharing– I never stopped pursuing Him. And reading through the Bible in chronological order was such a beautiful, unique experience. You can read the same one I did on the YouVersion App here.

Friends, I can’t wait to see what this 2023 is going to hold. And whether you decide to set bite-sized monthly goals instead of setting new year’s resolutions or stick with setting resolutions, I pray that this year is the year that we prepare the most to see God in every single thing we do. 


till the next time,