Get Started Bible Journaling with these three tips

One of the questions I get asked the most, besides what Journaling Bible I use, is tips for Bible Journaling. So today I am giving you the top three tips I’ve got to start journaling in YOUR Bible!

Now, disclosure right up front- I am a notetaker. I process things better when I’m writing them down, so if you’re looking for some pretty illustrations, I’m not your girl, but notes? I’ve got you covered. ?  (P.s. If you want to know my Journaling Bible Must-Haves, read this post!)

Okay, ready? Let’s get started!

  1. Start Doing Bible Studies and/or Devotionals – As you go through the homework of the studies and devotionals, take note of what stands out to you, what convicts you, encourages you, or shows you something new in regards to the verses that you’re going through. Write those in the margins. It could be quotes, questions, or even bullet points! Even works with your Sunday church service notes!
  2. Write What You Feel About the Verses – As you’re reading, any questions that pop in your mind, write them in the margin. Tell God what you think about that particular story. Then dig a little deeper and write down the answers to your questions, or what the story ends up teaching you and the people in the story.
  3. Start With A Journal – In a separate journal ask some specific questions to get your mind going. Ask all the who, what, when, why, and how questions. Who is in the story. What is happening in the story. When it’s taking place. Why is this important to you.  How can you apply the lesson to your life. As you start to break down the story for yourself, you can start to see different elements that you might have missed by simply reading through it!

BONUS TIP: Don’t forget to date your entries! In the hard days, when I don’t feel like reading my Bible I flip through the pages and I am reminded of how incredibly faithful God is to encourage my hurting heart and answer my questions. I can’t wait for you to start seeing His faithfulness in the pages of your Bible.

Now you’re bible journaling!

I do want to leave you with two little reminders though!

The Bible is the living and active Word of God which means that what you get from the story of the prodigal son today, may mean something different to you next year. It is so amazing to see what I’ve written in the margin in previous years to see how your faith and your relationship with Jesus has deepened.

Finally, don’t try to be like her. Your bible doesn’t have to be like everyone else’s. That’s the thing about our faith, God wants a unique individualized relationship with each and every one of us. No two are going to look alike. So let God speak directly to your heart because He most definitely is sweet friend.