The Story

Five years ago, there was a name, “Relentless Pursuit“, whispered to our founder, as she stared out her window seat 30,000 feet in the air. Since then, it’s been just that, a relentless pursuit of Jesus and sharing that journey along the way.

In 2018 the verse for Relentless Pursuit was revealed, Matthew 18:12, and the vision shifted ever slightly- encouraging others to relentlessly pursue Jesus and pointing out that they are the ONE that Jesus leaves the 99 to pursue after. 

But there was something more that was missing.

Words, although the heartbeat, could only go so far. Actions speak louder. So the shift went from encouraging to both encouraging & equipping others to pursue Jesus, relentlessly & deeper.

And that’s when the story in Matthew 14 of Peter walking on water to Jesus captured attention. There was an application within the verses that were not only relevant but vital to the flourishing life God has promised those who seek Him.

No matter the season of life, when we keep our eyes on Him and take steps of faith, He will draw us deeper with Him.


The Pivot

The application found in Matthew 14 fueled the desire to not simply encourage others to pursue Jesus relentlessly, but equip them to pursue Jesus deeper.

So, “A Deeper Pursuit” rolled out in the form of a 60-day journal. A tangible product with 5 prompts that would equip others to pursue Jesus deeper during their quiet time.

And equip others it did, and will continue to.

Along with the journal have come devotionals and reading plans; a Facebook group with a community of over 500 women with the desire to pursue Jesus deeper.

But something was still missing.

While the ideas kept flowing, time was limited due to life changes and work loads. And in October of 2020, the door opened to pivot once again.

The New Pivot

Fear is a stronghold that holds many, Janine included. Because Relentless Pursuit was founded with the intention to cater to young women, the fear of being ill-equipped to serve anyone else, had Janine regretfully turning away the men who wanted to join the group.

And the more she turned away, the more the direction God was leading was becoming clearer.

After multiple conversations with her parents, siblings, aunts, and cousins she got to work shifting Relentless Pursuit to A Deeper Pursuit, a platform focused on encouraging and equipping everyone to pursue Jesus deeper in their everyday, in every single season of their life.

How? By bringing those who had been supporting her behind the scenes to the front line.

Today, by the hand of God, A Deeper Pursuit is a family-run ministry with the heart to help all who stumble across our corner of the world to pursue Jesus deeper. And we couldn’t be more excited to see where Jesus brings us together.

The Song & Verse

Hillsong’s Oceans played a part in this vision, consistently bringing tears and a heart overflowing with the desire to have Jesus “take us deeper than our feet could ever wander“; while the story of Peter walking on water towards Jesus was where A Deeper Pursuit was founded. The application of Peter taking a step not knowing what would happen, but trusting Jesus sets an example for us to follow. “So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus” – Matthew 14:29

Meet the Team

The team is comprised of many in different seasons of life. We have those who have a passion for children, for moms, for young adults and adults- both men and women. We have those who are single, married, widowed, and in-between. Our heart and our goal is to encourage as many as we can to pursue Jesus deeper, in every single season.

His perspective reflects a diverse background with over 40 years in applied sciences, education, and organizational management.

Jac’s applied sciences interests extend from the material world into the abstract, human interactive domains that affect how we view, are impacted, and respond to the social and political forces we face today.

Jac believes that the laws of nature encompass both the material and non-material (abstract). Nature’s laws are immutable irrespective of human discovery or understanding; for example, “2 + 2 = 4” represents a natural relationship regardless of anyone’s ability to compute this; similarly, “treating others as one wants to be treated = good” represents and a natural relationship regardless of human acknowledgement.

If you are interested in the matter-of-factish point of view of an applied scientist, Jac Oat notes are for you.